Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AWE -Adult Webmaster Empire

Adult Webmaster Empire Webmaster Affiliate Program is for adult webmasters who want to refer customers to us for appropriate compensation. Our affiliate program is free to join and is a good way to offer something new to your surfers so they will come back more often to your site. We will provide you with a unique linking code that will allow us to track sales that you generate for us.

How much can I earn?
As a , , , , , , and sales that are generated from your link. Referring
other webmasters to Adult Webmaster Empire means that you can earn 5% of their gross revenue.
**[NOTE: Reach over $1500 payout in 1 period (15 days) and we will boost your payout with additional 5%. Go over $3000 payout in 1
period (15 days) and we will boost your payout with additional 10%. These will be calculated from your actual payout at the end of each
period. If your payout falls below these numbers in the next period, you will get 30% again.]

How can I promote adult webmaster empire ?
We have a whole bunch of ways you can promote our site, like banners, text links and javascripts, but best of all, you can have your very own webcams page tailored to your needs to fit your existing website's design (co-branded page). We are always open to new ideas and concepts, so you can always contact us for special deals. Please do not replicate, copy, or try to imitate any part of Adult Webmaster Empire, consult us before and we will help you with your design.

Feel free to send us visitors any way you want, but please respect other peoples privacy and DO NOT spam. Spamming might mean disqualification of our affiliate program. Sites promoting, linking to or depicting any form of underage pornography will be automatically disqualified and reported to the proper authorities.

Pay periods
Revenues earned between 1st and 15th each month are paid on the 10th of the following month.
Revenues earned between 16th and 31st are paid on the 25th of the following month.
Payments are done by cheques, epassporte or wire-transfer. The minimum amount for cheques is $100,
$300 for wire-transfers and $50 for ePassporte. Your balance will be carried over to the next period until
you reach your minimum limit. Please note, that the very first payout is at $200, after that you can specify
lower amounts.


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